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Professional Photographer in Mumbai with a Diversified Portfolio of Stunning Images

A professional Photographer in Mumbai should have the ability to recognize special moments. Capturing them creatively is an art. At PhotoPhactory, you will find a talented team that is not only passionate about photography but also finely tuned and trained for various occasions.

Every moment carries the potential to become a great shot. PhotoPhactory photographers use their skills and years of experience to capture a memorable shot in an aesthetic way. The photographers are not only interested in capturing moments but in highlighting a story. They also keep you updated about the process, welcome inputs to make the final product unique, and personalized.

PhotoPhactory has experience working on different kinds of projects for various occasions.

Photography work: Some events that can be captured by the experts at PhotoPhactory are meet and greets. The entire day is captured with many shots being taken. The client receives 300 or less pictures that have been touched up.

Cinematography work: You get to sit with the cinematographer to get the result you like. Eight hours of coverage is shot in high definition. What’s more? You even get to have your own cinematic teaser!

Pre wedding photography– This is the time to think out of the box! A photographer can display his skills easily at pre wedding shoots. This day also helps you bond with your photographer before the big day!

Candid photography– Most people would agree that some of the best shots are candid. A PhotoPhactory photographer will easily blend into the background to capture some of the unplanned moments.

Wedding portrait photography– These are photographs of your special day celebrated with the people you love and will treasure for a lifetime. The Photographer Mumbai adds a different touch to the photographs to make them distinctively yours.

Family portrait photography– Family portraits are casual and fun or you can make them elegant and planned. Whatever you desire, the Photographer Mumbai will achieve it for you. You can change locations for a more diversified look.

Photo Booth Photography– Your guests will be experimental when they have control of the trigger. They will let out their fun side and so will you. PhotoPhactory equips with photo booth with various props for you to capture fun moments.

Fashion Photography– For fashion and still shoots, the photographers will provide their input during styling and direction, to achieve a catalogue of extravagant, edgy and glamorous photographs.

Corporate photography– It includes portrait photography as well as covering events and conferences. With little tweaks to the standard style of corporate photography, PhotoPhactory delivers images that are formal and elegant but distinctive.

Industrial photography– Working with small industries is a challenge that the Professional Photographer in Mumbai is ready to win. They create short films and images with a minimalistic approach but with high precision.

Interior Photography– Having a sit down session with the client before beginning a commercial shoot is very important. Your brand is portrayed to make a lasting impression on the customers’ minds.

PhotoPhactory found its roots when two talented individuals combined their ideas and skills. A Professional Photographer in Mumbai can be easily found, but here you will receive creative photography and postproduction too. The Photographer Mumbai understands your vision and helps you bring it to life.