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Professional Photographer In Mumbai: The Image Creators

Photography may be called as a hobby, but only the passion of photography makes the real professional photographer. Professional photographers have the aim of capturing the best shots as they can. Carrying the same aim in their hearts we have the most experienced and professional photographers in Mumbai. The photographers have the gift of capturing the moments that can be treasured once more and once more.
Why Photophactory is Professional photographer in Mumbai :

Photography work :

  • An hour meets & greet engagement session for the flawlessness of the clients posing style with the photographer.
  • Full day coverage and unlimited shots will be taken
  • Finishing collection up to 200-300 retouched and enhanced pictures
  • Display case of all HD files with full reprinting rights
  • Online hosting of the selected pictures on the pet website

Cinematography work :

  • 8 hours of full unlimited coverage of the event
  • Filmed in high definition picture quality
  • Cinematic teaser is provided about 1-2 minutes
  • Cinematic film of 20-30 minutes’ version is provided for highlighting the special day
  • Full length video of 45 to 60 minutes’ version, custom editing according to the client’s preferences to tell their tale

Portfolios of Photographer Mumbai

1. Pre wedding photography-

Pre wedding photo shoots highlights the carefree and fun loving relationships in good order before the great day. In this shoot the couple poses in many different themes and locations for portraying the relationship and personality.

2. Candid photography–

The best shot is always the candid one. Candid photography is the shot which is taken unplanned and unobtrusively for highlighting the worth of the events.

3. Wedding portrait photography –

At the conclusion of the big day the photo shoots take place for capturing the moments of love, emotion, rituals and celebration.

4. Family portrait photography-

This photoshoot is about holding the beautiful bits with the loved ones. Family portrait is expressing love, care and fun in the relationship of a family.

5. Photo Booth Photography-

In photo booth people pose with various placard cards, props and interesting texts. This serves as an advantage for the photographers to have the best shots.

6. Fashion Photography-

This photography includes shooting of fashion accessories with the models, in an in- studio and on-location, with lighting techniques, model management and final retouching.

7. Corporate photography-

This form of photography highlights the personality of dynamic executives in a holistic way. Photographs are taken of corporate publications, annual accounts, company website, public dealings, business displays, brochures and social media to constitute the promotion of the clientele.

8. Industrial photography-

In this type of photography, the industrial view pictures are taken such as the equipment’s images, machines, industrial site etc.

9. Interior Photography-

In interior photography the photographers pay importance to every basic details of the room or any interior and click the best images.

Photophactory is a professional photographer in Mumbai and has expertise in this field for a very long time. The author has been working with the photographer Mumbai and inventing new ideas in the field of photography by capturing the unique and out of the box sets.